My name is Aminul Islam. You can call me Ami if you want. 

I am a UX/UI Designer committed to producing high-quality experiences. My key skills build on a human-centred design philosophy and the design thinking discipline.

My interest in UX began whilst studying UX modules in my final undergraduate year (2016/17), I engaged with known UX academics who introduced me to the concept. Once I completed my undergraduate degree I opted to study MSc Human Computer Interaction straight after. I graduated from the MSc in 2019. 

Since then I have worked with start-ups in London, UK on their UX work as a freelancer. As a result, I have taken part in various projects individually and with colleagues commercially.

The multidisciplinary approach of psychology, analysis, creativity and technology in UX has always been appealing to me and that is why I want to be part of it in my professional career. 

In my free time, I love to go to the gym, support Chelsea FC and occasionally travel new places with my friends. 

BSc Graduation

Stamford Bridge

Lake District

MSc graduation






Hiking near Barcelona

Stamford Bridge


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