Case Studies

Here you can find some projects I've completed and see how I work. 


Vocational Institution Website Design and Build

Client: Hayle Barise Technical Development Centre 

Tasks: Design sprint including tasks such as future user journeys, lightning demos, sketching and prototyping (see my portfolio for all tasks).

Result: A responsive website for aspiring students and donors.

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Tech Start-up Website Design and Implementation

Client: Gradprentice

Tasks: Interviews, domain modelling, empathy map and sitemap. Wireframing and front-end development with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap 4.

Result: The website was well perceived by Junior UXers in the UK as they gave the site a positive NPS score.

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Creating an MVP for a mobile application

Client: Remember The Lovee

Tasks: provisional personas, creating value propositions, validation and prototyping. 

Result: A set of wireframes for the client to develop their app.

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Masters Dissertation

Client: N/A

Tasks: an interaction design process including observations and analysis with various techniques.  

Result: design recommendations.

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PixelBook Go and Pixel 4 XL.jpg

Indian Restaurant Website Design and Build

Client: Aroma Spice

Tasks: The iceberg canvas, design principles, the golden path, ideation, presenting solutions, decider voting, building then releasing the website and implementing changes based on feedback.

Result: 10% reduction in costs to run a website. 

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UX Research: Autsera

Client: Autsera

Tasks: observations, qualitative analysis, persona creation, user journeys and competitor review.

Result: The research I did allowed Autsera to go on to the design phase of their product and to gain more funding (£10,000) for future activities.

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Eating Paella

Usability testing for JUST EAT

Client: JUST EAT 

Task: a full usability testing phase with real users of JUST EAT.  

Result: design recommendations based on evidence. 

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