One Page Portfolio Design and Build 


Joe Pilbrow


UX/UI Designer, Web Developer


Adobe XD 

UI Principles 

Wix website builder


A modern site for Joe


Joe is an awarding winning radio presenter from Oxford. Joe needed a sleek website that showcases his latest updates, work and social media in one place. 

I worked back and fourth with Joe to design and build this website!

The end product through iteration, iteration and...iteration

You can see the end product as a PDF on the right. The website was built using Wix. I built the site myself using the website builder. A domain is yet to be purchased by Joe. 


The website shows the radio presenter, Joe in an Hero image, followed by cards of his latest work/news, snippets of his shows through soundcloud, work experience, a CV download button and contact details. 

Before building the site on Wix there were many variations of the one page website on Adobe XD. I started off wireframing at a very high level after Joe came to me with the idea of a one page website that would act as a hub to his work. 

After agreeing on the contents, I created many alternative designs. The timeline of designs are shown below. There was small changes on the implemented version such as changing heading positions, images and getting rid of extraneous information.


Click on the images to see notes about the wireframes and prototypes. 

                                                                                         Mobile 07947090631                                                                                 LinkedIn /in/aminulhasnanislam/


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